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Reward Points

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Earning reward points.

Reward points can be earned in the following ways:
- Buying items!
- Referring friends. When a referred friend places an order you will receive points.
- Liking / Tweeting / G+1 pages.
- Reviewing products (once accepted)
- Creating an account and subscribing to our newsletter each earn points.
- You even get points on your birthday!

Spending reward points:

- Reward points are used at the checkout.
- You can select how many points you would like to use from your reward points balance.
- A minimum of 100 points need to be available.
- 1 point is worth 1 cent. Therefore: 100 Points = $1. 1000 points = $10 etc

Reward points rules:

Points cannot be transferred between accounts.
Abuse of reward system bonuses will result in all reward points on the account being removed.
Reward points expire after a pre-set time. You can check your points and their expiry date under your account settings.
We reserve the right to remove points & the point system at our discretion.
We cannot be held liable for issues relating to points (but we will do our utmost to fix anything)

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